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You are an individual and organization who wants to start or scale your social impact but you have little time and even fewer resources.I’ll help you create an attainable strategy to turn your ideas into action, turn your action into targeted reach and results, and turn your reach into real impact.Proof? I started my social enterprise from my mobile phone. It now serves a community of 40K women, with nearly 1 Million impressions on social media in 2023, and over 31K website visits in the last 60 days.

“I really enjoyed the consultation. It lit the fire under me to take my organization's brand to the next level, which I know we are capable of. I appreciate Titilope's straightforward and very informative manner of sharing her knowledge. I left the meeting with close to 5 pages of notes, all very actionable strategies I can implement to build my brand and organization.”Surayya, award-winning social entrepreneur and founder

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Hi, I’m Titilope! Here is my story.

About Me

My mission is crystal clear - to help my clients build projects that make a real, tangible impact.At 16 years old, I led one of my first social impact initiatives, delivering essentials to care homes in my community. Fast forward to 2021, I founded Sisterly HQ, a social enterprise empowering over 30,000 Nigerian women through digital storytelling and increasing access to opportunities and resources.As a fellow founder and changemaker, I’ve navigated the challenges that often stand between vision and reality. Now, as a consultant, I am here to make the journey smoother for others with a calling to make impact.I specialize in project design, development and management, digital communications, coaching, and dynamic speaking engagements. My diverse clientele spans individuals, communities, social enterprises, and international organizations, all driven by a shared dedication to social impact.My unique approach blends strategic acumen with entrepreneurial spirit, ensuring your projects not only meet objectives but also drive transformative change.My work has gained recognition globally, including being named a LinkedIn Top Voice, representing Nigeria at the the Fora Network for Change Global Summit in Toronto, Canada and receiving Common Purpose’s 25 Under 25 Global Legacy Award. In 2023, I was named a 30 Under 30 social impact leader by Global Governance Initiative. I was also recognized as one of the 20 powerful global voices disrupting systems and driving change at Women Deliver 2023 in Rwanda.Ready to take action and create transformative change? Contact me for a consultation, and let's embark on this impactful journey together.

My Services

Project Design, Development and ManagementFrom ideation to execution, I'll expertly guide you through the process, ensuring your project is not just well-structured, but purpose-driven and meticulously organized to achieve its objectives. We'll begin by analyzing your goals, carefully assessing available resources, strategically planning implementation, and constructing a roadmap for success. Whether you require comprehensive project management or targeted support in specific areas, I've got you covered.

Digital CommunicationsI’ll help you harness the full potential of online platforms to amplify your message. Whether it’s creating compelling content, devising social media strategies, or optimizing your online presence, I’ll equip you with the tools and insights needed to engage your target audience, build meaningful connections, and drive your social impact initiatives forward.

My coaching services will empower you with strategic knowledge and actionable insights.
• Personal Branding in Social Impact (60 minutes)
In this session, we’ll delve into personal branding strategies specifically tailored for the social impact industry. You’ll learn how to craft and convey your unique narrative, effectively positioning yourself as a driving force for change.
• Amplify Your Social Impact with TikTok (60 minutes)
TikTok is a dynamic platform with immense potential for social impact. During this session, we’ll explore how to harness its power effectively. You’ll gain insights into creating engaging content, building an audience, and leveraging TikTok’s features to maximize your impact.
• Starting Your Social Impact Project (60 minutes)
If you’re embarking on a journey to create social impact from the ground up, this session is your guide. We’ll cover the foundational steps, from ideation and planning to initial execution. By the end, you’ll have a clear roadmap for launching your social impact endeavor.
• Level Up On LinkedIn (60 minutes)
In our call, I'll address your burning questions about LinkedIn, share actionable tips, and guide you on a path to success. By the end of our session, you'll have a clear, tailor-made and attainable strategy to thrive on LinkedIn, boost your personal brand, and achieve your professional goals.
• Personal Branding For Professionals (60 minutes)
In this session tailored to professionals outside of social impact, we’ll delve into personal branding strategies to achieve your career and personal goals. You’ll learn how to craft and convey your unique narrative, effectively positioning yourself as a thought leader, leading voice and trendsetter in your industry.
These coaching sessions are conducted via Google Meet, ensuring personalized guidance and actionable takeaways.

As a seasoned speaker, I bring a dynamic and impactful presence to sessions, conferences, and events. My talks inspire and educate, drawing from my extensive experience in social impact and international development. Whether large or small audiences, I have a proven track record of leaving a lasting impression and motivating others to take action.


Here, you’ll find find specific highlights and examples of my work.

Project Showcase
Organization: Sisterly HQ
Visit Sisterly HQ

Sisterly HQ is a social enterprise empowering Nigerian women to boldly share their stories while providing them with the tools and resources needed for success.Leadership Role
As the driving force behind Sisterly HQ, I conceived and spearheaded this visionary initiative. My contributions include:
• Building a robust digital community with a thriving membership of over 30,000 women.• Creating a resource website that garnered a remarkable 60,000+ visits from over 101 countries.• Curating an extensive database showcasing over 1,400 jobs, internships, scholarships, grants and other opportunities.• Writing a weekly newsletter for an audience of over 2400 women, with an open rate of 40% (compared to the average open rate of 6%). Read here.Impactful StorytellingTo amplify the voices of Nigerian women, I orchestrated:• Weekly social media content that has received almost 1 Million Views in 2023 and a digital publication that captured the stories of 42 inspiring women.• Cultivating a sense of representation and empowerment through compelling storytelling.Effective ManagementI successfully oversaw a team of 40+ dedicated volunteers, handling recruitment, engagement, and project deliverables with precision.Global OutreachSisterly HQ reached new heights with:
• Two virtual workshops attracting an audience of 700+ attendees, facilitating discussions on global scholarship opportunities.
• Measuring impact through feedback forms, surveys, and data analytics, resulting in an astounding 400% increase in engagement.Today, Sisterly HQ stands as a beacon of empowerment, serving a rapidly growing community of more than 30,000 Nigerian women. This social enterprise continues to make waves in the pursuit of female empowerment and economic inclusion.

Learn more about Sisterly HQ’s impact here



Sisterly HQ Highlight
Empowering Women Through TikTok

Leveraging the power of TikTok to empower and engage Nigerian women while providing them with access to valuable opportunities and resources.
• Within a mere 2 months, Sisterly HQ's TikTok presence surged from zero to an impressive count of nearly 15,000 organic followers.
• My content on TikTok garnered an astounding 712,000+ views within the last 60 days.Targeted Reach
Sisterly HQ’s TikTok community boasts a remarkable demographic profile - 93% female, with over 74% residing in Nigeria.
This impactful use of TikTok served as a potent tool in expanding Sisterly HQ's reach and advancing its mission of female empowerment and access to resources.


Client Website Project: Personal Brand and Consulting Services
Client: Raheemat Rafiu
Visit client’s website

The task was to develop a website that effectively represented my client's personal brand and consulting services. The objective was to create a dynamic and user-friendly online platform tailored to her business needs.
My Approach
Utilizing the versatile Wix platform, I crafted a website that seamlessly embodied my client's identity and showcased her consulting services in an engaging manner.
Key highlights of my approach include:Dynamic Design
A visually appealing and responsive design was implemented to ensure an excellent user experience.
Brand Color Selection
Collaboratively, we identified and integrated a distinctive brand color that resonated with her personal brand and consulting services.
Copy Editing
I meticulously reviewed and edited the website content to ensure clarity, consistency, and an impactful message.
The final result was a captivating and user-friendly website that effectively communicated my client's personal brand and the value she offers through her consulting services. It now serves as a powerful online presence to connect with her audience and potential clients.
This project exemplifies my commitment to delivering digital communication solutions that meet my clients' unique requirements and effectively represent their personal brands.


Project Showcase: Get Into LinkedIn Course

DescriptionGet Into LinkedIn is a transformative self-paced course engineered to empower individuals in optimizing and leveraging LinkedIn to build their personal brand, and achieve their personal and professional goals.HighlightsEngagement and Impact
Over 400 participants have already benefited from this course, giving it a stellar rating of 4.9/5.
Participant Testimonials“Get Into LinkedIn is a game-changer I didn't know I needed. Titi guides you through every aspect of LinkedIn in a clear, step-by-step manner, with a focus on unlocking your personal brand. Upon completing the course, you'll be ready to confidently open your LinkedIn account, showcasing your authentic self, building valuable connections, and contributing meaningfully to the LinkedIn community. The course addresses all your pre-course questions with complete honesty.”
~ Ife O.
“Absolutely wonderful! The course delivers highly informative content in an accessible and engaging manner. Titi's natural charisma, intelligence, and authenticity shine through in every video, making learning a breeze. It's evident that she is an expert in her field and is deeply committed to helping others succeed on LinkedIn, with a strong emphasis on personal branding. Most importantly, she demonstrates that elevating your LinkedIn game while staying true to yourself is both attainable and rewarding.”
~ Tara K


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